How to Use Your Spinny Block Kit

What is the best way to learn a new skill? There are numerous learning techniques and it can get overwhelming for any parent or educator to know which is the best way to teach a new skill. I think all parents and educators know when a learning approach is not working, a child can become frustrated and gives up. This can make the teacher/parent feel useless when all they want to do is help the student learn.

A common complaint is that young children have very short attention spans. That is certainly true if you are trying to teach a subject in which the child is not interested. Have you noticed that when a child has found something they are interested in they can spend hours focused on it? You have probably seen this when a child spends hours playing with a new toy, studying an ant hill, or throwing rocks in a stream. They suddenly cannot take their attention off this new thing that has captured their attention. 

Educational Pioneer Dr. Maria Montessori realized that children learn best when the learning resembles play and natural discovery. Her schools and the community she created focused on creating an environment where a child's natural love of learning and exploration can be set free and not constrained or hampered like many of the traditional schools she encountered. 


Maria Montessori once said, "Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements." Spinny Blocks were inspired by the methods taught in Montessori schools which use toys (usually wooden toys) to help teach and reinforce concepts. In this case Spinny Blocks will help your child read 72 different words centered around all five vowels. Many of these words will be ones that your child has never heard before which is why we included a card with definitions for each word. By learning to read phonetically your child is understanding the rules of the English language and will not be afraid to try reading new words. Once your child feels confident reading the words on the blocks they can apply their new skill to reading the book "Sam and Meg" which is included in your kit. "Sam and Meg" is a fun color illustrated story about two children who meet at the beach. The book includes many words from the Spinny Blocks in addition to the sight words: and, is, on, a.

A bag comes with the kit which means that your child can take it anywhere.

There is no greater satisfaction than watching your child enjoy learning a new skill that will help them for the rest of their life. 


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